Online Photography Specialty Courses

Do you love taking photos? Have you ever thought of making more of your photography hobby and specialising in a specific area like portraits, nature or travel photography? These specialty areas of photography require unique skills and can be quite lucrative niche areas for you to perfect your photography skills.
 We have four high quality, speciality photography courses that may suit you.

  • The Certificate in Nature and landscape Photography course will give you the knowledge to take exceptional photos in the outdoors. You will learn how to work with  composition and light, telephoto lenses and the exciting world of Macro photography
  • Certificate in Photographing People Online will show you the best way to photograph faces, how to fix common close up problems and how to use digital imaging techniques to retouch photos.
  • Certificate in Travel Photography combines two wonderful pastimes – photography and travel and shows you the techniques digital photographers need to capture scenes from around the world and bring them home.
  • Karl Taylor’s Advertising, product and still life course offers a unique perspective on studio photography

Make your photography something more by specialising in one of these niches – enrol in a course today.

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